HUB Multi Sport Activity Camps
& Parents Night Out

Multi Sports Camps for Multi-Talented Kids

HUB Multi Sports Activity camps offer half day and full day programs that nurture and encourage your child into activities and games. The programs seeks to engage every child in a structured program that includes sports and swimming. The program is delivered at incredible facilities that offer both indoor and outdoor spaces and swimming.

Parents Night Out take the concepts of our Multi Sports Activity Camps and delivers them into an action packed evening, while the parents enjoy a well deserved night out.

“The HUB Camps are the perfect program for the working parent in the summer. The coaching staff are incredible and my kids love every minute.”
-Susie Graham (Cave Creek)

Multi Sports Activity Camps
5-12 Years

Our Multi Sports Activity Camps are designed to thrill and enrich children through games, activities and swimming which are conducted indoors and outdoors. Scheduled weekly or over several days during school vacations, our programs offer half-day (8:30am-12:30pm) and full-day (8:30am-3pm) options. The morning program includes rotations through different sports, games and swimming, and the afternoon features additional games, crafts and movie time to finish. The program stimulates every child that participates and provides them with a memorable experience.
Program Features: 4 hours (half day) or 6.5 hours (full day) over several days or a week
Equipment Required: Sports attire, swimsuit, googles and a towel, sunscreen, water, snacks/packed lunch

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Parents Night Out
5-12 Years

Want to finish your week with a relaxing night? Our Parent Night Out affords you the option to drop off your children from 5-9pm and know they are in a supervised, structured and safe environment. Our instructors will provide your children with activities, games and endless fun, finishing with a movie and popcorn. Simply drop them off, go have fun and pick them up at the end of your night. Cheese pizza will be provided. Children with food sensitivities will not be offered a substitute.

Program Features: 4 hours
Equipment Required: Sports attire, water, snacks

Aviano Community Center: Dates TBA
Windgate Ranch Community Center: Dates TBA